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Paint-tastic by Ellie

Artybox Pour Box - 12"x24" Double Kit


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12"x24" Double Kit

Our new Artyboxkits include the same unique pre-mixed colours and Canadian made Apollon Birch Panels that you will find at our public events!
The Artybox Double Kit was created to make multi-piece artworks. The paint is poured over two panels to create a collaboration! 


Each 12"x24" Double Kit includes:
  • x5 8oz Pre-mixed Artybox Pour Paint (40oz)
  • x2 12"x24" Apollon Birch Panel - Made In Canada!
  • x2 Translucent cup (for mixing colours before pouring)
  • Written instructions
  • Turn it into a Virtual Zoom Party!






#1 W/B/BK/SI/T - White, Blue, Black, Silver, Teal

#2 W/PU/BK/SI/T - White, Purple, Black, Silver, Teal

#3 W/BR/G/T/B - White, Brown, Gold, Teal, Blue

#4 W/O/BR/G/N - White, Orange, Brown, Gold, Navy

#5 W/N/T/BR/R - White, Navy, Teal, Brown, Red

#6 W/PU/T/BR/R - White, Purple, Teal, Brown, Red

#7 W/SI/PI/T/B - White/Silver/Pink/Teal/Blue

#8 W/T/G/BK/B - White, Teal, Gold, Black, Blue

#9 W/T/G/BK/GR - White, Teal, Gold, Black, Green

#10 W/T/Y/BK/B - White, Teal, Yellow, Black, Blue

#11 W/O/G/BK/GR - White, Orange, Gold, Black, Green

#12 O/W/G/BK/R - Orange, White, Gold, Black, Red

#13 W/N/PI/G/PU - White, Navy, Pink, Gold, Purple

#14 W/PI/BR/G/N - White, Pink, Brown, Gold, Navy