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Mash Paddle Brewing Co. started in our small kitchen where we brewed our first batches with love on a small rental apartment stove. Theo quickly outgrew his stove setup and met a fellow brewer that shared the same interests and passion to brew on a larger system. It also made his wife happy that her kitchen stopped looking like a drug lab.
At this point post love and obsession, we have pitched the idea to Theo Sr. and the business process began. After maybe 50 samples, 70 business plans and 10 or more heated discussions we came across our brand/taste/direction. Together with his wife, and father and help from several friends we began creating our brewery. Hello Brew Master Matty Buzanko. Matty and Theo began brewing after Theo's time @ Siebel.
Together they are now creating some of the freshest local beer available in Brantford and the surrounding area.

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